The  Visitor Center  Alliance,   Where The  New  Land  of  Opportunity  Is  E-Commerce  Through  Online  Advertising  Technology  In  Overdrive.

Online Exposure In Overdrive!


Basic Service Plan


$35.00 Monthly, billed annually. (Three month payment plan available.)

  1. We embed your entire website within ours. Using advanced technology, we stream (your entire website, inventory and all) within ours in real-time, making all of your information available to our online shoppers. The moment you change something on your website, it's reflected at our website(s) instantly!
  2. Super bonus!! We will embed your entire website again into a (second website of ours) that's best suited to your business needs at no additional charge. This can greatly increase customer traffic to you. A $420.00 value!
  3. You get a large banner ad in up to Six departments that best describes your business. (No-Spamming)
  4. Site wide links allowing our visitor traffic to have direct access to (ALL) of your business category(s) and inventory. Especially helpful for Realtors, rental agents, online stores, restaurants, resorts and fishing guides to name a few.
  5. If you have a Face Book and or YouTube account setup, will even hotlink it from our website with your online advertising exposure.
  6. *No Design Fees for Your Banner Ad(s). A $150.00 value.
  7. *No web mastering fees. A $75.00 value.
  8. *All required hyper links you need Included. A $160.60 value!


Economy Service Plan

$19.95 Monthly, billed annually.
  This is our best package for business that do not have website pressence.

  1. You get one FULL page add. (It's more space than two full page ads in a typical magazine)
  2. You get a banner ad with description, in up to three different departments that best describes your business. (No-Spamming)
  3. Site wide links allowing our visitor traffic to access (ALL) of your business category(s)!!
  4. *No Design Fees for Your Banner Ad(s). A $150.00 value.
  5. *No web mastering fees. A $75.00 value


Service Plan Upgrades

Customers who purchase our economy package typically upgrade to our basic service within their first year by paying the difference in cost between the two packages.

Premium Placement: Customers have the option to pay for Premium Placement on our website. This means that your advertisement will be found at the top of the page body of that given category. In the event there are two or more who pay for Premium Placement, ads are placed in alphabetical order. There is a $250.00 annual fee for Premium Placement in addition to the standard advertising rate.



Payment Options

For businesses on a tight budget, we offer financial assistance, cutting your payment by 66%. Please visit our Payment Plan department.